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Safe loading and unloading operations

Our industrial dock levellers are devices used to connect a fixed surface (the storage’s level) to an usually moving surface (truck’s cargo bed). For this reason, it is important, in picking a dock leveller, to focus your own attention on some technical characteristics to be sure that the chosen product actually performs the tasks it had been bought for: to chase always and in every situation , in full safety, the truck’s swinging (it could go up, go down or recline).

All Armo heavy dock levellers are built at the robotic establishment based in None in conformity with the related European Legislation EN 1398. The conformity with essential safety requirements is proven by the Society IEC Industrial Engineering Consultant S.r.l. which had tested with positive outcome our“ARG1 38C3 TS”dock leveller, on 22 January 2003. All of our dock levellers are individually tested at the factory, and for each of them we fill out the related Declaration of Conformity and we affix the CE marking. CE.

Technical details for all our levellers


Lateral flex torsion

Our lateral flex torsion is more than 100 mm, granting the lip will always lay on the truck, avoiding dangerous gap for the fork lift movements.

Lateral torsion as requested by EN1398 safety Regulation

Wide positive and negative working range

Positive and negative excursion loading platform

A wide positive and negative working range is granted on our dock levelers (when possible about 12,5%, max permitted by EN Regulation). Closed H is about 600 mm, and helps to have a good negative slope, needed to load lower trucks.

Safety valves

Safety valves provided by Armo assure safety to our dock levelers: even if the truck is leaving unexpected the loading bay, the dock leveller will stop safely. Also, you’ll be able to park the leveller in rest position manually in case of power failure.

Control box

RS dock leveller’s control box

Simple is easy – avoid any complication! Armo swing lip control box is simple and intuitive: less skilled operators can use it safely and after a short training.

Single power pack

All our dock levellers are provided with a own power pack and control box. The dock leveler has a longer life, and just one material will be stopped in case of fault.


Sectional overhead door


Dock shelter


Dock leveller


Rubber bumper

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